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Emergencies and How to Handle Them by 125th Street Orthodontics
Sometimes, things happen. Usually it is when you are on an airplane leaving the country for a few weeks, or when you are about to leave on your honeymoon, or the morning of a big presentation – because life is special that way. Here are some tips on how to take care of some common problems that may arise during the normal course of your treatment.

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Sometimes a part of the braces may feel sharp or irritating. Usually this feeling goes away after a day or two, particularly if you have recently had additional braces placed on. You may place some orthodontic wax over any part of the braces that feels sharp, and this will help to make you more comfortable. (Don’t worry if you swallow a little bit of it.) If there is a wire that is sticking out the back, you can press it in towards the tooth with a CLEAN pencil eraser or your finger. If this doesn’t work you can try to clip the wire with a nail clipper or any clean wire cutter. You may also call the office; if we cannot help you over the phone you can come in for an emergency appointment.


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Sometimes, especially the first time the wire (the line that goes across the teeth) is put into place, the teeth can become quite sensitive to biting or pressure. This is a normal part of the process of orthodontic treatment, and that soreness will go away after a couple of days. During that time, you can take whatever medication you normally take for a headache, and eat things that are very easy to chew (soups, soft pastas, etc.). As time goes on, you will feel better and better. If you are concerned that something is out of the ordinary, you can always call our office to double-check!


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It’s OK. If it is just hanging there on the wire, you can leave it there until your next appointment-but please call the office to let us know, so we can schedule extra time to fix it. If it is pressing against the gum and causing you discomfort, you can cover it with a blob of wax so it doesn’t move around. If it is a back brace that comes off, and there is a loose wire that sticks out, you can trim it as close as possible to the brace in front of the broken one using a clean wire cutter or a nail clipper. Again, please call the office to let us know, and to discuss any concerns that you might have!


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If it is a brace that is loose and moving around, please see the instructions above under “A brace came off”. If another part of your appliance is loose and moving around, please call the office to let us know.


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Call our office. You might need to get a new retainer. If it has been a long time since you have had your braces removed, and it looks like your teeth have not moved, you might not need another one, but it is better to come in to make sure.


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You should have the old aligner you just finished with, safe at home; wear the most recent aligner you have the same way that you wear your regular aligners (24 hours per day, except for when you brush and when you eat). It may be necessary to order you a replacement aligner, but it is not always needed. Call 125th Street Orthodontics at once to let us know that you lost your aligner, though.


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No worries; swallowing a brace is generally not at all harmful. If, however, you swallow something and are then having difficulty breathing, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room! This is very, very, very unusual, but it can be very serious if a part of the braces goes into your lung. Again, this is an extremely rare occurrence.


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